Get ready for Fairtrade Fortnight 23rd Feb - 8th Mar 2009

We've got plenty of ideas for you to use in the classroom and as whole school projects. Order free promotional materials from the Fairtrade Foundation to help publicise your events. The Fairtrade Foundation is also organising a banana eating record breaking attempt on 6th March - so join in if you can! Read on for more useful weblinks...

The Fairtrade Foundation have published a Fairtrade Schools Action Guide containing case studies, school activities and information to become a Fairtrade School.

Oxfam Education has compiled a list of resources available to borrow free from the Montgomery Centre or available to purchase from our colleagues at SCOTDEC in Edinburgh.

The Cooperative have published a handbook for primary schools How To Make Your School Fairtrade Friendly

See the file attached below for even more ideas for use in the classroom.

Join our discussion forum to promote Fair Trade in Aberdeen and encourage your class to enter some quick competitions .

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