STRIDE is the FREE online teachers' magazine produced  twice a year by the International Development Education Association of Scotland (IDEAS). It is packed with articles, ideas and resources for bringing global citizenship into the classroom. Each edition focuses on specific curriculum areas and features global learning news, CPD opportunities and project information.



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The Autumn/Winter 2014/15 issue features articles on: 

Teach Global Ambassadors - Teacher networks promoting Global Citizenship

Shaping Scotland’s future - what role can young people play?

Technology justice: a global approach to science

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The Spring/Summer 2014 edition has the theme A Level Playing Field?

and looks at:

  • Commonwealth Games : Beyond the Sport
  • Whose land, whose lives? Why we should all know about land grabs
  • The Art of Peace : inspiring hope and creativity
  • Millenium Development Goals and Rights : a school roadshow


The Autumn/Winter 2013-14 edition focuses on Whose Water? with articles, classroom activities, school news and more, including:

  • Critical thinking: a thinking framework
  • Water: our fundamental human right
  • Activities for use in the classroom - including cross-curricular Secondary links
  • Water Maths and much more


No longer available online, but hard copies available from MDEC, or you can request a PDF by emailing


The Spring/Summer 2013 edition looks at Gender Equality, addressing the questions:

  • What does gender equality mean?
  • How is it taught in our classrooms?
  • Are we challenging stereotypes?

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The Autumn/Winter 2012/13 edition looks at the Global Food System, focusing on the questions:

  •  Where does our food come from?
  •  Why do 1 in 7 people go hungry?
  •  Is there enough food for everyone?

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The Spring/Summer 2012 edition explores the use of Images in the classroom, with features on

  • Film and the 2012 Olympics
  • Measuring the impact of global learning on younf people in Scotland
  • Global Storylines - a unique approach to global issues

No longer available online, but hard copies available from MDEC, or you can request a PDF by emailing


Stride Autumn / Winter 2011 focuses on Climate Change and enquiry / active learning approaches to use in the classroom. 

No longer available online, but hard copies available from MDEC, or you can request a PDF by emailing






These are no longer available online but hard copies are available from MDEC, or you can request a PDF by emailing

The Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Stride looks at Debating Aid and is now available.  Inside you will find information on

  • Teaching about justice in an unjust world
  • Global Learning and Fundraising
  • A day in the life of a Scottish Development Education Centre
  • Literacy in a global world including activities for primary and secondary
  • Debating aid: the pupils perspective
  • and lots more including Activities, Global Learning Centres, and news from Agencies
 Stride Spring/Summer 2011

The Autumn/Winter 2011 edition of Stride pulls together information on the various elements of School Partnership linking including: 

  • New online global citizenship resources
  • An interview from teachers from Scotland and South Africa
  • A guide on setting up a school partnership
  • Putting the community into the partnership
  • Schools around Scotland sharing their work on school partnerships

You will also find activities and news from agencies on their work.


 Front cover of Stride magazine

Topics  covered in the latest (Spring/Summer 2010) edition of Stride include:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Ethical enterprise and fair trade
  • Using cartoons in the classroom

 stride spring 10

 October 09 edition of Stride, including:

  • Diversity and Homecoming Scotland
  • Additional Support Needs
  • CPD and events in your area
  • Global Citizenship news from schools
 Stride - Oct 2009

 April 09 edition of Stride, including:

  • Education for Peace
  • Professional development with a global dimension
  • Pofessional development resources
  • Challenging pupil's attitudes - RMPS and Global Citizenship
  • Events in your area
 Stride - Spring/Summer 09

October 2008 edition of Stride, including:

  • Human rights including classroom activities
  • Back to the future - history and global citizenship
  • Philosophy for Children
  • News for Schools
April 2008 edition of Stride, including:
  • Climate change feature and related classroom activities;
  • Getting started with pupil participation;
  • Maths and Global Citizenship;
  • and loads of news from schools!

October 2007 issue of Stride, including:
  • The Millennium Development Goals
  • Related activities for the classroom
  • Modern Foreign Languages and Global Citizenship

April 2007 edition of Stride containing:
  • Feature article on studying the slave trade
  • Classroom activities for looking at slavery past and present
  • Global Citizenship and Science

October 2006 issue of Stride, including:

  • Peace and Conflict article
  • Global Citizenship and English teaching
  • Dealing with controversial issues - classroom activities

April 2006 edition of Stride containing articles on:

  • Fair trade
  • Global Citizenship and Art
  • Critical thinking classroom activities

October 2005 edition of Stride containing:

  • Make Poverty History article
  • School linking
  • DEC news

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